Thai W2P

Model Details

Intended Use

  • Converter thai word to thai phoneme
  • Not suitable for other language.


  • Based on thai word to thai phoneme problems.


  • Evaluation metrics include phoneme error rate (number error / number phonemes)

Training Data

Thai W2P (80%)

Evaluation Data

Thai W2P (20%)

Quantitative Analyses

epoch: 100
step: 100, loss: 0.03179970383644104
step: 200, loss: 0.04126007482409477
step: 300, loss: 0.01877519115805626
step: 400, loss: 0.03311225399374962
per: 0.0432
per: 0.0419

Ethical Considerations

This corpus is based on the website, such as wiktionary, Royal Institute et cetera and more. It may not be the dialect that you use in everyday life.

Caveats and Recommendations

  • 1 Thai word only