Source code for pythainlp.el.core

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2016-2024 PyThaiNLP Project
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
from typing import List, Union

[docs]class EntityLinker:
[docs] def __init__(self, model_name:str="bela", device:str="cuda", tag:str="wikidata"): """ EntityLinker :param str model_name: model name (bela) :param str device: device for running model on :param str tag: Entity linking tag (wikidata) You can read about bela model at ` \ <>`_. """ self.model_name = model_name self.device = device self.tag = tag if self.model_name not in ["bela"]: raise NotImplementedError(f"EntityLinker doesn't support {model_name} model.") if self.tag not in ["wikidata"]: raise NotImplementedError(f"EntityLinker doesn't support {tag} tag.") from pythainlp.el._multiel import MultiEL self.model = MultiEL(model_name=self.model_name, device=self.device)
[docs] def get_el(self, list_text:Union[List[str], str])->Union[List[dict], str]: """ Get Entity Linking from Thai Text :param str Union[List[str], str]: list of Thai text or text :return: list of entity linking :rtype: Union[List[dict], str] :Example: :: from pythainlp.el import EntityLinker el = EntityLinker(device="cuda") print(el.get_el("จ๊อบเคยเป็นซีอีโอบริษัทแอปเปิล")) # output: [{'offsets': [11, 23], # 'lengths': [6, 7], # 'entities': ['Q484876', 'Q312'], # 'md_scores': [0.30301809310913086, 0.6399497389793396], # 'el_scores': [0.7142490744590759, 0.8657019734382629]}] """ return self.model.process_batch(list_text)